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Gone were the days when bike rides were only done for fun by the professionals. They have the access to special bike accessories and were under supervision. Now bikes have become one of the most important modes of transport. A majority of the population uses bikes as their main transport source. As the population is increasing day by day, so is the traffic. To prevent from getting stuck in traffic, a lot of people actually prefer bikes rather than cars or public transport. Although the bikes are a better option when it comes to escaping the traffic. But the reality is that they actually skid easily and the riders lose balance easily. You have to be very cautious while riding the bikes to prevent accidents.
You might have heard the popular saying that, "Prevention is better than cure". The same saying can be applied in this case as well. You can always prevent the mishaps while riding the bikes. You just have to Buy Bike Accessories Online or from the market. This will give you a double advantage. The first one is that the look of your bike gets improved and second one is that it makes your ride much safer.

Bike Accessories & their importance

1. Helmet

The helmet is undoubtedly the main accessory when it comes to riding the bike as it acts as a lifesaver in an accident. It is true that riding a bike gives the bikers a sense of freedom on the road. On the contrary, there are serious dangers involved in riding the bike without a helmet. A bike does not provide structural protection that a four-wheeler vehicle does to keep drivers safe. For this reason, the bike riders need to take extra precautions to protect themselves. The most important place to start is by protecting the head. The head and brain are most vulnerable to injuries in a bike accident.

2. Jackets

They are another important accessory that you should definitely buy if you are a bike rider. The bike jackets offer the biker protection from the injuries of a crash. A high-quality and durable jacket comes up with padding in the highest impact areas like the elbows and shoulders. This jacket padding protects the rider from bruises and scratches. Many motorcycle jackets come with reflective gear that can offer additional safety for riders at night. They are also great for giving the rider c;jgdnomfort and they also protect the rider from the wind, sun and heat.

3. Gloves

They add comfort and protect your hands. Falls are unpredictable when you are riding a bike. Someone can cut you off in traffic or you can fall off from a large gust of wind. Whether you are a professional or just a beginner, you need to wear gloves. Your hands are the most important body part when it comes to riding a bike. For this reason, you should take care of them and protect them from the injuries that can be caused by falling off the bike. Wearing gloves while riding a bike is an essential accessory to prevent hand numbness. Generally, when the bikers ride the bike for a longer period of time, their hands go numb. This is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous. To operate the bike correctly, you need to feel your hands. Gloves not only protect your hands from a fall but also shelter your hands against the vibrations that come from the bike. Apart from all of the above, gloves help you to get a good grip. When your hands are sweaty from the heat, your grip can slip at any time. The gloves prevent this danger. During the winter months, gloves give you insulation that makes riding less cold and more comfortable as well.

4. GPS

Riding a bike is fun but owning a bike is not easy as the bikes are easier to steal than other vehicles. Apart from the general lock, you need to install extra accessory to secure your bikes against the thieves. The locks can easily be removed with difficulty. Hence, you should consider getting a GPS for your bike. By this, you can easily locate your bike in case it gets stolen. The thieves may have gotten hold of your motorbike, but it’s only for a while. It can help you and the law enforcers track down the location of the stolen item before the thieves have the opportunity to strip down the parts and sell it individually.

5. Bike Covers

Generally, the bike covers are an overlooked accessory. They are actually a great source for protecting your bike from potential dangers. Irrespective of whether you have a garage or not, the bike cover will protect your bike from the elements that are present inside the garage itself like dirt, dust and even tiny insects. Also, not all the bike owners are fortunate enough to have a separate garage for their bikes. So, the bike covers are a pretty convenient option for protecting your bikes. Another reason why bike covers are important is that you just cannot carry your garage to every place you go. Also, there may be times when you will have to leave your bikes for a longer period of time. The UV Rays can fade the paintwork if it is sunny or the water can leave stains if it rains. Here, the cover comes to your rescue.

6. Bike Boots

Just like your hands, your feet are also important and can be easily injured if you face an accident while riding a bike. You can easily prevent this mishap by wearing the ankle boots that are available to protect you from the harsh reality of a crash. Wear shoes that not only protect your feet but also ankles.

7. Bike Glasses/Goggles

Dirt and dust are two common things that can make its way to your eyes and can even cause severe eye damage while you are riding a bike. To prevent this, you should invest in purchasing glasses or goggles that are more effective. Do not risk your eyesight. If  you have a helmet that is not fully covered, buy and wear full coverage, impact resistant eye protection whenever you ride.

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We have to admit that the Car Accessories are an integral part when it comes to upgrading and enhancing the look of your vehicle. They generally improve the ability of the car and also play a vital role in the maintenance of the car. Different car owners require different Car Accessories which are basically based on their personal preference. You can Buy Car Accessories Online or from local shops to meet your requirements. There are some Car Accessories which are specially meant to improve the performance of your car like the LED lights. On the other hand, there are a number of car accessories which are specially designed for entertaining you like a music system. You can also customize some Car Parts to add a personal touch.

Since the Car Accessories are so much in vogue these days, I'll let you know about the smart range of car lights and accessories that you should definitely know.

Lights are necessary automobile equipment. Due to this reason, a variety of car lighting accessories have been created over the past years. In addition to creating new car lighting accessories, the existing lighting systems have also been enhanced with more striking options.

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Motorbike is a craze among youngsters and they ride and try adventures on them. Adventurous riding and racing in motorbikes is at times dreadful for the riders. Bike skids easily and riders get unbalanced resulting in accidents. Motorbikers need to be cautious while riding as by hurting or accidents, they are prone to hurt the vital parts of the body.

There are lot of accessories and gadgets in the market for the bikes which adds exquisite looks and even make it safer to ride. Buy Bike Accessories from standard outlets so that you get a good deal of the expense incurred.


Bike Accessories


Ø Helmet: Helmet is a must for all the bikers as protection to head and skull is vital. Head and skull is vulnerable in motorbike accidents. Buy a good helmet which protects your head nicely. While buying a helmet, few things should be taken into consideration. The first is the material of the helmet, lightweight, tough and crack resistant fibres. Secondly, it should be comfortable for the riders and full face covered helmet should be preferred while purchasing. Prefer helmets which has ventilation systems and anti-fog properties. It is one of the most essential accessories of the bike. Helmets comes in different sizes, shapes and colours and prefer the DOT approval ones. At times, riders don’t care but you need to educate yourself about the uses and which helmet is good for you. Buy good and durable helmet from Bike accessories India shops.

Ø Motorcycle Jackets: Jackets is also an important accessory because it protects the body of the rider and acts as a shield. There are Bike accessories online India which offers variation and at affordable price to extravagant range. It is designed in leather to provide comfort to the riders and even for pillion riders. Buy one that suits you.

Ø Anti-Theft Security Alarm & Locks: The youngsters are crazy for the motorbikes so ate the thieves and the burglars. To protect from theft, you need to buy Anti-theft security to prevent your bike from theft or robbery. Variety of locks are available in the market, you can procure as per your need. There are remote locks available too on e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

Ø Mobile Holder with Charger: Mobile is indispensable from our life and we are connected with our work-life and home-life. These days, Mobile holder with charger are available for different models of mobiles. It is designed for Bike handle bars and there is a strong grip that protects mobile on bumpy roads. In long journey, you can tuck the mobile and enjoy the ride.

Ø Motorbike GPS: In today’s scenario, GPS is an important tool to track the thieves if stolen and the device is helpful for the long distance riders who venture into unknown paths to reach new destinations. Even you get relaxation in two wheeler insurance as they lower the premium in lower risk vehicles.

Ø Leg Guard: Leg guard is an important accessory which guards the legs and knees of the rider and even protect from getting hit by the hot engine in case of collisions and accidents. Whenever you buy a bike, before taking to the roads, get leg guard fixed.

Ø Handle Bar Covers: Invest in good Handle bar covers which has a good grip and is not tiring for hands. The rider’s grip on bars is highly important to balance the vehicle.

Ø Tool Kit: Get a tool kit for your bike. It is important to attend to minor repairs on way. Everywhere mechanics are not available to attend, so you need to gather knowledge of minor repairs and keep a tool kit in bike.

Ø Covers: Seat Covers and bike cover is important to save from wear and tear of weather and other climatic conditions. When not in use, keep your bike covered to enhance the life span of your bike. You can variety of covers and seat covers via Bike Accessories Online India.

Ø Reflective Tapes or License plate bolts: Buy reflective tapes or license plates for your bikes as it is visible at night when you are venturing into deserted or dark streets.

Ø Crash Protectors: Frame sliders, bar ends, swing arm spools, and fork sliders are crash protectors and are a must to protect bike from crashing in case of skidding or over turns. They are much cheaper in comparison to giving bike in repair at service centres.

Ø Led-Equipped Lights: These led lights have long life span and it appears nice on bikes and the youngsters or road ragers. It has no importance in protection or safety; it is a mere decorative piece. These days more people are opting for these led lights.

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Just like any other object you own requires maintenance, your bike needs maintenance too. You don’t have to be the mechanical master or have technical know-how for this task. All you need is some set of instructions you can always take follow to keep your bike in the best condition. Here are some tools other than buying royal enfield accessories that will help you to take care of your own vehicle.


1.    Bike tyres - How long has it been when you haven’t paid attention to the condition of your tyres? Speaking about the bike set-up, tyres need weekly inspection. And that is what most of us really forget to pay attention. If the bike’s tyre is underinflated, there would be a major problem in brakes and handling the bike. This lack of pressure indicates that the wall of the tyre is not strong enough to cope up with any exerted forces on it while driving.

2.     Tension on the chains - Inappropriate tension on the chains can result in wearing out of gearbox, prematur sprocket, reduction in suspension travel, reduce the lifespan of chain, and inappropriate transmission. Make sure that you set the tension level of the chain so that some amount of pressure goes on the bike(while it is in motion) as well. This is because the chain tightens as the rider is onboard.

3.     Spark plugs - You may not necessarily have to change the spark plugs on regular basis. All you have to do is check the user manual as well as the mileage for the same. It will take only a few minutes to change the spark plugs but sometimes you may need to drain the cooling system so consulting the local dealer is a wise idea.

4.     Battery levels - When we are talking routine maintenance, batteries are the first to get overlooked. The major reason behind this overseeing is the place where it is fixed. Beneath the seat of the bike or a petrol tank, we can find battery attached. On complete discharge, battery may not be useful again and this means you will have to buy a new one altogether. Therefore, it is essential to keep a check on battery levels.

5.     The coolant level of the bike - It usually takes a few minutes yet it is one of the tasks that we usually forget to finish. If you do not know where the coolant expansion tank is located, you might need to check your bike’s user manual. You can remove the filler cap of the radiator (when it is cool) to keep a regular check on the coolant levels. On a translucent tank, there will be the markings of high level and low level. Do you know changing the coolant is quite easy and will consume 30 minutes of your time.

6.     Changing the oil and filter - If we mark the difficulty of changing the oil and filter on a scale then it not very much different than changing the bike’s coolant. It is essential if you want your bike to run smooth.

7.     Oiling and adjusting - For a responsive experience of riding and making it smoother, oiling and adjusting should be done regularly. With time, degradation of cable housing grease will lead to impaired clutch action and throttle. Make sure when you oil your cables, adjust them for filtering any unwanted slack. 

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The increasing road traffic and the percentage of accidents on the roads have made it imperative for travelers to take precautionary measures, ensuring safety and comfortable travel of everyone. Relying on the horrifying statistics, in every four minutes a person dies in a road accident in India. Thousands of people become the victim of more than 1200 road crashes every day in our country. Undoubtedly, the government has made it necessary to take precautionary measures from our end such as buying bike accessories such as the helmets, complete vehicle documents, not more than two people riding on one motorbike, etc. Apart from these, there are other motorbike accessories that ensure one can ride in comfort and minimum possibilities of an accident.


One such accessory that is crucial and legally unavoidable is the helmet, one of the prominent royal enfield accessories. Here is everything you need to know about these accessories and the scenarios in which you can use them -


What is the helmet?

It is a protective headgear riders or motorbikers wear while they ride their motor two-wheeler. The concept of helmet is quite simple. It protects the rider’s head and face against the direct or indirect impact of collision or crashing into any solid surface. The surface may be the road surface, underneath or tyres of a vehicle, etc.


The significance of buying car and bike accessories such as the helmet is that there are a few countries such as India where it is mandatory to wear helmet while riding the motor two-wheeler. If an individual fails to wear one while riding the motorcycle, he may stand guilty of a civil crime and will have to face charges and penalty. Since, the equipment plays a vital role in safeguarding the physical damage, it undergoes the process of dual layering. These two layers are -


a.       Hard - Helmet has a hard shell that distributes the impact of collision to a larger area.

b.      Energy-absorbing - Helmet contains a polystyrene foam liner absorbs the energy obtained from the collision. This layer absorbs the maximum amount of energy so that the collision does not cause an adverse impact to your skull.


Types of helmets


There are no less than six types in helmets -


a.       Modular - It is also known as flip-up helmet. You can remove it entirely turning it to an open face type. This type works well, especially for riders in sport and adventures tours. For this type, it is advisable as not to ride the motorbike with open face helmet.

b.      Open face - Such type is mostly preferable among the scooter riders and cruisers. Similar to the full faces, open face helmets offer equal safety. This type covers the back, the sides, and the top of your head, keeping your face open.

c.       Full face - This is the typical face of helmet almost everybody knows and have probably used at some time. Apart from covering the top and back of your head, they will protect your face as well by fully covering it. It is, undoubtedly the eye portion that needs the entire visibility has the glass covering.

d.      Half - The type covers your head’s top along with half of the sides and the back. This helmet works well with vintage riders and cruisers such as harley-davidson.

e.       Dual-sport helmet - You can also call them crossover or ADV or Hybrid or enduro. This type features excellent ventilation and sun peaks. And when you are riding on-road, you can always enjoy a little warmth with minimum sound of traffic and wind. The dual-sport flaunts a truncated chin bar and built-in visor.

f.       Off-road - The type features angular chin bars and sun peaks. Off-road encourage bike riding in summers for maximum air ventilation and minimum weight. Frequent riders often advise not wearing the off-road helmets to avoid noise of the traffic and the wind.




Wearing helmet has consistently shown the following benefits -


1.      Helps in keeping your vision and power of hearing intact and free of harmful foreign bodies.

2.      Protects your neck from accidental injuries.

3.      Reduces the impact of fatal collisions and crashes.

4.      Protects you from catching cold and other infections.

5.      It looks sophisticated