Amazing Types of Helmets

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The increasing road traffic and the percentage of accidents on the roads have made it imperative for travelers to take precautionary measures, ensuring safety and comfortable travel of everyone. Relying on the horrifying statistics, in every four minutes a person dies in a road accident in India. Thousands of people become the victim of more than 1200 road crashes every day in our country. Undoubtedly, the government has made it necessary to take precautionary measures from our end such as buying bike accessories such as the helmets, complete vehicle documents, not more than two people riding on one motorbike, etc. Apart from these, there are other motorbike accessories that ensure one can ride in comfort and minimum possibilities of an accident.


One such accessory that is crucial and legally unavoidable is the helmet, one of the prominent royal enfield accessories. Here is everything you need to know about these accessories and the scenarios in which you can use them -


What is the helmet?

It is a protective headgear riders or motorbikers wear while they ride their motor two-wheeler. The concept of helmet is quite simple. It protects the rider’s head and face against the direct or indirect impact of collision or crashing into any solid surface. The surface may be the road surface, underneath or tyres of a vehicle, etc.


The significance of buying car and bike accessories such as the helmet is that there are a few countries such as India where it is mandatory to wear helmet while riding the motor two-wheeler. If an individual fails to wear one while riding the motorcycle, he may stand guilty of a civil crime and will have to face charges and penalty. Since, the equipment plays a vital role in safeguarding the physical damage, it undergoes the process of dual layering. These two layers are -


a.       Hard - Helmet has a hard shell that distributes the impact of collision to a larger area.

b.      Energy-absorbing - Helmet contains a polystyrene foam liner absorbs the energy obtained from the collision. This layer absorbs the maximum amount of energy so that the collision does not cause an adverse impact to your skull.


Types of helmets


There are no less than six types in helmets -


a.       Modular - It is also known as flip-up helmet. You can remove it entirely turning it to an open face type. This type works well, especially for riders in sport and adventures tours. For this type, it is advisable as not to ride the motorbike with open face helmet.

b.      Open face - Such type is mostly preferable among the scooter riders and cruisers. Similar to the full faces, open face helmets offer equal safety. This type covers the back, the sides, and the top of your head, keeping your face open.

c.       Full face - This is the typical face of helmet almost everybody knows and have probably used at some time. Apart from covering the top and back of your head, they will protect your face as well by fully covering it. It is, undoubtedly the eye portion that needs the entire visibility has the glass covering.

d.      Half - The type covers your head’s top along with half of the sides and the back. This helmet works well with vintage riders and cruisers such as harley-davidson.

e.       Dual-sport helmet - You can also call them crossover or ADV or Hybrid or enduro. This type features excellent ventilation and sun peaks. And when you are riding on-road, you can always enjoy a little warmth with minimum sound of traffic and wind. The dual-sport flaunts a truncated chin bar and built-in visor.

f.       Off-road - The type features angular chin bars and sun peaks. Off-road encourage bike riding in summers for maximum air ventilation and minimum weight. Frequent riders often advise not wearing the off-road helmets to avoid noise of the traffic and the wind.




Wearing helmet has consistently shown the following benefits -


1.      Helps in keeping your vision and power of hearing intact and free of harmful foreign bodies.

2.      Protects your neck from accidental injuries.

3.      Reduces the impact of fatal collisions and crashes.

4.      Protects you from catching cold and other infections.

5.      It looks sophisticated


With all the mentioned reasons, it is, therefore, crucial to buy bike accessories such as helmets for safeguarding your and co-passengers life. 

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